Work|Life Links

Work|Life Links is an information and resource service which assists employees to balance their work and personal life commitments. Work|Life Links consultants provide employees with information and support with any type of dependent care, health and lifestyle information or service in Australia or New Zealand.

Employers contract Families At Work to provide the Work|Life Links service to their employees.

We work closely with the Employer's Human Resources/Diveristy department, presenting at Employee health benefits expos and producing communications for distribution via the Employer's Intranet or internal comms medium. We also have the Work|Life Links website, which outlines the Work|Life Links service. 

How Work|Life Links Works

Step 1.

Your employee makes contact with Work|Life Links, either by phone, email or by filling out the enquiry form on the Work|Life Links website.


 Up to 5 minutes of your employee's time


Step 2.

Our team fill out a request form, ensuring that we can provide a tailored response.


Average 10 minutes of your employee's time.


Note: At this stage we can also take statistical information to feed back to your Human Resources department to help you better understand your workforce.

Step 3.

Our expert team get to work:

  • Contacting services and suppliers
  • Narrowing the options to fit the query
  • Report writing

Note: We do not have preferred providers, we provide a range of options.

  • Report is sent to by email to the employee.
  • Relevant hard copy documents mailed by express post.
  • Where relevant, we also provide additional information specific to the employee's query e.g. financial assistance, nutritional information or guides to choosing the service.


Between 2 to 4 hours of research by Work|Life Links consultant (depending on the nature of the enquiry)

 Time taken by employee: 0 hours


Overall time taken by an employee using Work|Life Links (on average): 15 minutes.

Time saved by your employee: Typically between  2 to 20  hours  (depending on nature of the enquiry).

Productivity retained: Hourly cost of employee X 2 to 20 hours  

Potential gains for employer:

  • Staff retention (e.g. assistance with return to work after parental leave or after illness, assistance for carers with adult dependents who may otherwise be forced to take leave)
  • Retention of corporate knowledge
  • Cost savings
  • Sustained productivity from employees with reduced stress
  • Increased employee morale (higher producitivity, increased comittment)
  • Mitigating impacts on employee mental health and well-being (e.g. solving personal issues before they impact on the employee's health, or work performance)
  • Opportunity to use Work|Life Links as a component of Employer recruitment benefits


Helping Businesses Become An Employer Of Choice

We conducted a dependent care survey for a large financial institution who was interested to explore current and future dependent care issues. This survey identified:

  • potential demand for a dependent care information and resource service
  • enhanced workplace flexibility strategies to support parents returning to work from parental leave including a stay in touch program and
  • manager support and training to identify and implement workplace flexibility within their teams in different parts of the business



Who we can help

Individuals and couples, people with children, people who are expecting a child, people with elderly parents, people with dependent siblings, people with pets, busy people - Your employees!

What is the cost to the employee?

As the service is provided by the employer, the employees pay nothing for our service.

Service limits

Work|Life Links is an information and resource service - we don't make the final choice for the employee.

What is the cost to the employer?

We have helped businesses make substantial cost savings due to reduced employee stress levels, less need days for days off to mind children or dependent family members, or time taken away from work due to personal matters.

The Work|Life Links service will be a valuable component in helping or maintaining your offering as an employer of choice.

Please contact us so we can evaluate the level of service required, taking into account your employee profile and the size of your workforce.



All the information we receive from the employees of our clients is treated with discretion and sensitivity. At the request of some clients we can pass on statistical information (such as age or gender) or billing information (such as business unit, location). 

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